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Tailgate Technologies, headquartered in London, UK, is a technology company that offers advertising solutions for all stakeholders in the online advertising value chain.

Tailgate™ technology turns any online advertising unit into a direct point of sale by providing a clever bridge between the ad unit and the brand owner’s own e-commerce system. The company’s mission is to change the way consumers interact with and buy services and products from advertisers, enabling advertisers to close the gap between marketing and sales. Advertisers can benefit from 15 per cent customer interaction rates with a 1–3 per cent conversion rate, while site owners benefit from higher visitor retention rates as the consumer doesn’t have to leave the site he or she is browsing in order to make a purchase.

The company has partnered with leading brands such as the major Hollywood Studios, global retailers and third party agencies to promote their respective services and products to potential customers on the Internet.

How it works:

Tailgate treats advertising as a self-contained application. This encompasses the entire electronic commerce value chain into a single unit and appears as a traditional Internet advertising banner, video or widget, but with the capability to perform secure financial transactions using payment gateways.

Tailgate™, a patent pending technology, utilises standard Internet application platforms such as Flash or Ajax to create a presentation layer for the advertising content and proprietary techniques to securely communicate with the advertiser’s electronic commerce database, as well as with the trusted payment gateway in use. The units provide 256-bit SSL security protocols in conjunction with numerous proprietary encryption protocols for each transaction, to guarantee the user’s security and privacy. User information is never stored or held and is deleted in 90 seconds if the information is not processed by the receiving e-commerce provider. The security framework is fully PCI compliant and meets all international security standards. Additionally, California-based Verisign secures the secure socket layer connection from the units to the main e-commerce Web server and payment gateway used.

January 2009 – June 2009

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